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GM Mode On/Off

/GM password

turn GM Mode on and off

for example:

/gm mysecretpassword

Camera Mode


switch into camera mode

Shift + 1,2,3,4,5,6 - change camera speed

Shift + 8,9,0 - change camera movements and rotation dampening

E and Q - Move camera up and down

Player Spawn


Spawn as a player on camera position

Complete unfinished buildings


(or "b" on keyboard) complete selected unfinished building or object

Delete building/object


(or "n" on keyboard) delete selected building or object

Set skill

/SETMYSKILL skillID/skillName Amount

add a value to a certain skill, amount = 0...100

for example:

/setmyskill 32 10

/setmyskill "scale armors" 60

/setmyskill prospecting 20

Set stat


set stat value, id = 0...4 value = 0...110 0 = Strength, 1 = Agility, 2 = Constitution, 3 = Willpower, 4 = Intellect

for example:

/setmystat 2 60

/setmystat 0 72

Add Reagents


adds all possible reagents for alchemy

Set Alignment

/ALIGNMENT -1000..1000

set alignment of your character


/WEATHER Fair/Cloudy/Shower

set this server weather. sending to all clients on it.

for example:



Grow crops

/GROW grow crops on a current part of terrain as if one in game day had passed. You will need to call that command 4 times in order to see crops changes

Add item

/ADD itemid/itemname amount [quality] [durability]

add a certain item to your inventory

for example:

/add 427 10 50 (adds 10 hides of 50 quality)

/add falchion 1 80 5000 (adds 1 Falchion of 80 quality and 50 durability)

/add "hardwood board" 100 10 (adds 100 boards of 10 quality)

Item IDs and Names can be found here:

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